The Jennifer Angel Talk Show (JAS) brings SOUL TALK to the mainstream audience in a how-to format that explores spiritual and metaphysical tools in a practical way to enhance your life and for Soul-Self-Development.


Discussions with specialists in the fields of metaphysics, personal development, science and spirituality, The Jennifer Angel Talk Show, SOUL TALK, provides an inspiring gateway to soul-self-discovery.

Aimed at a mainstream audience curious about our mysterious Universe, JAS experts offer practical tools for personal development with a commitment to create a self-aware community. JAS seeks to empower people to live a purposeful life.

Set in a lively, conversational environment with a panel of hosts, this reality-based, audience participation talk show focuses on opening to the genuine power available to everyone to create richer, more self-actualized lives.

The art of astrology, which helps clarify the strengths and challenges of your individual character, dates back to ancient times through highly trained philosophers who recognized the holistic nature of the cosmos: As Above, So Below.

An estimated 38 million people spend approximately $44 billion annually on services pertaining to astrology, and the popularity of horoscopes opens the door to a broader range of knowledge that is heart and soul-based.

The time is right now for a talk show centered around SOUL TALK, to capture the hearts, minds, and attention of an audience curious to learn more about themselves, the world they live in and universal energy beyond and above.


Category Segment Title Suggested Guest
Science & Spirituality Global Coherence Initiative & Institute of HeartMath; science based shift in collective consciousness Howard Martin &
Doc Childre
Science & Spirituality Where Science and Spirituality meet;
The Field & The Bond
Lynne McTaggart
Science & Spirituality Reincarnation; “Haven’t I seen you some place before?” Brian Weiss
Science & Spirituality Fractal Time; the speed of evolution Gregg Braden
Science and Spirituality Entangled Minds; quantum physics & consciousness Dean Radin
Spirituality Introduction to Shamanism –Earth Spirit and Humanity Hank Wesselman
Spirituality Angel Therapy – How to hear your angels for guidance Doreen Virtue
Transformation Change from the inside out – Breaking the habit Dr. Joe Dispenza
Earth Matters Wise Women of the Earth. International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers; Wisdom indigenous people Florademayo
Earth Matters Current events and the Rhythms of Nature
The Mayan Calendar
Carl Calleman
Healing and Wellness The Biology of Belief; revolutionary discoveries about genes, health and consciousness Bruce Lipton. PhD 
Healing and Wellness The Reconnection; vibrational healing Eric Pearl
Healing and Wellness Raw Foods & Super Foods; Your body up to speed David Wolfe
Healing and Wellness Chi Gong - Healing, Rejuvenation and Longevity Chunyi Lin
Healing and Wellness The Emotion Code: Releasing Emotional Imprints That Create Disease Dr. Bradley Nelson
Healing and Wellness Healing power of music and sound – Music of the soul Mark Romero
Healing and Wellness Yoga and Meditation for Health and Happiness David Life and Paul Scheele
Healing and Wellness The healing power of love and gratitude Dr. Demartini
Healing and Wellness Chopra Center of Meditation. Crating peace from inside out. Deepak Chopra
Health and Wellness Natural Hope Center - Herbology for Health Karen O’connor
Health and Wellness Reiki Master and Certified Crystal Healer Julianna Davis
Health and Wellness Non-Toxic Living
The scary truth about TOXINS and how to avoid them
Donna Sonkin-Shaw
Lucid Dreams Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep – Wake Up and Smile Charlie Morley
Empowerment Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur – Inspirational Marie Forleo
Empowerment Trust your vibes – Develop and access your intuition Sonia Choquette
Empowerment Find your purpose and live your passion Janet Attwood
Empowerment Mind Movies – the power of visualization Natalie Ledwell
Empowerment Weekly Wake-Up Call. Meditation, Intuition, Psychic. Peggy Rometo
Empowerment Hypnosis/Mind Control –Take back yr personal power Eldon Taylor
Sacred Destinations The Code; fascinating ancient matrix of sacred sites Carl Munck
Metaphysics Channeling; With non-physical intelligence April Crawford
Metaphysics Occult America: White House Seances, Ouija Circles, Masons, and the Secret Mystic History of Our Nation Mitch Horowitz
Metaphysics Healing secrets of Ancient Mexican Tradition Sergio Magana
Metaphysics Art and science of Graphology – hand writing analysis Paula Sassi
Metaphysics Master Numerologist – The four royal star numbers Aiden Powers
Metaphysics FENG SHUI – Authentic, classically trained Master Master Pun-Yin
Conscious Relationships Sexuality and Relationships David Deida
Conscious Relationships How did I get here? Creating Change Barbara DeAngellis
Conscious Relationships Queen’s Code–Celebrating Men. Satisfying Women Alison Armstrong
Astrology Astrology 101 – What Is Astrology, Really? Steven & Jodie Forest
Astrology The power of Moon phases and eclipses Dietrech Pessin
Astrology Astro-Cartography – The best place to live. Julian Lee
Astrology Vedic Astrology – Love and Relationships Carol Allen
Astrology The Sabian Symbols – 360 Degrees of Wisdom Lynda Hill
Astrology Astro Analyst– the effect of aspects on any market Bill Meridian
Child Success Made $100,000 as Child. The key to success is Giving Caleb Maddix
Child Success Tallon Lutz – Blues rocker at the age of four Tallon Lutz
Conscious Celebrities Use Fame and Influence to Campaign for Environment Leonardo DiCaprio
Conscious Celebrities Self-Discovery Healthy Nontoxic life. Gwyneth’s Journey
Conscious Celebrities The Fresh Air Fund is dedicated to taking underprivileged kids to summer camp Mariah Carey
Inspiring interviews Overcome challenge - Anything is possible Dan Caro
Inspiring interviews Humble beginnings to success J. K. Rowlings
Inspiring Interviews Rise to fame through challenge to success Vanessa Williams
Entertainment Artist, singer and non-profit founder of E.P.I.C. Tennile Amor