Personal Note from Jennifer

Astrology is the Gateway to Soul-Self-Discovery!

I love Astrology, because it acts as a door-opener to greater topics! I’ve been writing Sun Sign Astrology for more years than I’d like to mention.. -), and not many can resist the temptation to look at their Sun Sign and be inquisitive about the message it provides for that day. However, it’s when I am face-to-face with people, men and women, that the deeper more thought-provoking questions and discussions are revealed.

It’s my belief that if you provide the information, the medium, the platform, people will tune in. I’ve witnessed it so many times first hand, and not just within the circles I mix, but on a mass market basis from people who are just looking to make sense out of life and improve their lives and the lives and interactions they have with others.

Whenever I talk about this show concept, Jennifer Angel Soul Talk, that I am so very passionate about, people say, “I would watch that”. And I believe they would, especially if it was put across in an inspirational, educational, exciting and entertaining way – and that’s Jennifer Angel Soul Talk.

If you feel aligned and in-tune with the Show Content, and feel that your production company, network, channel, or other medium is a good fit for the show, then we would love to hear from you. Please drop us a note through the contact page.

Love, luck and best wishes to you!

Jennifer xx

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