Spirituality and Science

  • Where Science and Spirituality Meet
  • Fractal Time - The Speed of Evolution
  • Power of Mind - Consciousness and Belief
  • Radical Healing Through Altering Thought Patterns
  • Global Coherence - Collective Consciousness
  • Life Beyond - Reincarnation and What It Means; the Eternal Soul
  • Explore Different Religions / Faiths / Cultures – Celebrity Guest Interview

Wellbeing and Healing

  • Releasing Emotions that Create Disease
  • EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique. Meridian Tapping for Enhanced Health
  • Fitness - Enliven Energy through Movement / Yoga / Thai Chi / Pilates
  • Healing - Reiki / Massage / Aromatherapy / Reflexology
  • Healing - Vibrational and Distant; Qi-Gong
  • Holistic Therapies - Enhance Brain Power through Sound / Kinesiology
  • Non-Toxic Living - The Power of Detoxification
  • Thankfulness – The Power of Prayer and Gratitude
  • Tithing – The Power of Opening Your Heart and Wallet  

Metaphysics – Personal Empowerment 

  • Changing Your Life Through Conscious Dreaming
  • Explore Forms of Meditation - Going Within / Connecting with Source / Chanting
  • Mediumship – Messages from Beyond and Past Life Interprepation
  • Psychic Readings – The Different Forms of Psychic Readings
  • Angels and Spirit Guides – How to Work with Your Guides
  • Forms of Divination – Tarot, Aura, Runes, Palmistry, Graphology, Numerology.
  • Crystals – The Metaphysical and Healing Properties of Crystals
  • Herbology – The Magical Healing Essence of Herbs and How to Use Them
  • Develop Intuition – Strengthening your Relationship with Self and Spirit
  • Journaling and positive thought - Your Inner Connection

Astrology and Planets

  • Personality Analysis – How Does Your Zodiac DNA Shape Your Personality
  • Soul Purpose – The Gifts your Horoscope shows for your Soul’s Purpose
  • Relationship Compatibility – Composite and Synastry Charts
  • Moon Cycles – New and Full Moon Readings and Rituals
  • Transits – How Planetary Interactions Play Out in a Personal Chart and World Affairs
  • Interview Astrologers – Different Astrology Types: Astro Cartography / Electional, Etc.

Conscious Relationships

  • Feeling Worthy of Giving and Receiving Love
  • Compatibility or Chemistry


  • Home Decorating – The Feng Shui Way
  • Home Energy Clearing – Drumming & Smudging the Native American Way
  • Goal Setting – Lifestyle Ideals /Values /Dreams /Vision Boards /Removing Limitations
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